Shopping Mall MADARAS

For centuries Spišská Nová Ves belongs to the most beautiful historical towns with centuries-old traditions, culture and signification.

City located in the heart of Slovak Paradise with a history of mining, schools, theaters, preserved medieval architecture have been ranked the cities with the largest shopping malls from 2009. Shopping Mall MADARAS welcomed first visitors at the opening to public on 08.14.2009. For six years of its existance was visited by over 27 millions visitors.

A sufficient number of free parking spaces and bus platform improves the pleasant feeling of visit and shopping. The amount of leisure activities and opportunities for spending free time gives it legitimately attribute a family mall.

To the attractiveness of the biggest shopping mall in the Spiš region contribute conveniently close location to the city center, nearby ZOO and his own bus platform for major lines of city transport.

Shopping Mall MADARAS consist of:

  • more than 96 shopping units
  • commercial area of 36,000 square meters
  • gross area for development and projects for investors are more than 170,000 square meters - catchment area of the 116 towns and villages in 7 districts and 2 counties

New opened projects in the area of Shopping Mall MADARAS in 2015:

  • Mercury Market in a total area of approximately 16,000 square meters
  • Cash and Carry retail chain CBA covering over 2,000 square meters

Administration Centre
Correspondence address:
Managment of shopping center
Správa centra
Mlynská 39,
052 01 Spišská Nová Ves
Cell phones:
00 421 911 621 396
00 421 903 613 377
00 421 903 722 175
Security service:
00 421 911 232 679
Operator of shopping center:
IMBIZ s.r.o.
Mlynská 39
052 01, Spišská Nová Ves
IČO: 36 176 516
Department of rental:
00 421 911 621 396